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Hello, I'm Pardeep Kaur 

My name is Pardeep Kaur and welcome to my page - hummingbird healing. I am a qualified reiki master (usuai lineage) with over 10 years of experience. In addition, i am trained in closing the bones therapy and sound bowl healing. 
As a professional working in the drug development industry, and as someone that quickly learnt how stress has a physical effect on the body, I was keen to look how you would treat the body holistically.

I believe that whilst conventional medicine plays an important part; prevention is better is than cure. I love the fact that I can combine my medicinal knowledge with alternative therapies, and they perfectly go hand in hand! I was somewhat hesitant to offer my services to the wider public as I wanted to ensure that that I did justice to the treatments that I provide. After more than 10 years; I am making the leap after much encouragement from my family and friends on embarking on the journey to help others with these amazing holistic treatments that I am honoured to be able to provide and serve to you. 

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